Three of Splann have just got back from playing / performing for Cornish dance team Kemysk at the superb Cwlwm Celtaidd festival in Porthcawl, Wales. It is a great festival and the first of many interceltic festivals during the year featuring artists from across Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany.

What makes these festivals are the community of musicians and dancers who provide the performances throughout the event. It’s a tight night but welcoming community with friendships that have been forged by playing and dancing together over the years. This years Cwlwm was no exception. Great ceilidh’s, superb gigs and many impromptu late tune sessions combined with a catalogue of memorable moments.

What’s next on the agenda for Cornwall’s Ceilidh band Splann? Well, the five piece Splann will travelling over to the Isle of Mann to play ceilidhs at Shennaghys Jiu Festival. We can’t wait, it is a massive honour to be asked to play – and what makes it better is that we know we will be bumping into loads of familiar faces. If we meet you on the road, please say come and say hello – we are always happy to add to our list of friends who share our love of superb tunes and high energy ceilidhs.