Ceilidh FAQ (Frequently asked questions).

Below you will find some of the Frequently asked questions when planning a Ceilidh or barndance. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. email: splannceilidh@gmail.com  or contact form: https://splann.co.uk/contact/ or by phone: 07934 673027.

Ceilidh’s go back centuries and continue to provide a popular party option. A good ceilidh band will make your wedding or event extremely memorable.

Things can take a while to get going at parties, particularly wedding receptions. Often you have a room full of people but they don’t all know each other very well. For this very reason, plenty of people opt for a ceilidh to ensure that people are up and dancing pretty quickly. They just can’t resist the appeal of a good jig!


It doesn’t matter if you’re eight or eighty, a ceilidh offers something for everyone. Even the littlest of toddlers will adore joining in and taking part in the dances.

Ceilidh bands come complete with a ‘caller’: someone who is trained to guide you through each dance and keep the energy going. Callers are used to first timers, so don’t be afraid if you don’t know any of the dances. They will guide you through every step and enthusiastically demonstrate anything you’re not sure about.

What if i don't know how to dance at a Ceilidh?

Don’t worry, our caller Ellie will be there to get you up and dancing. Ellie is an experienced caller who is highly respected within the Ceilidh dance scene throughout Cornwall and Devon. Ellie will expertly lead you through each dance by demonstrating and talking to you through each dance before the band start playing. It could not be easier.

Do you have public liability insurance and is you electronic equipement tested?

Of course, Splann has public liability insurance and all of our equipement is fully PAT tested, certificates are available upon request via email. splannceilidh@gmail.com

How long do you normally perform for?

Our standard playing time is 2x one hour sets with a 30 minute break between, We can alter our set times to suit your Wedding plans.

Do you bring your own equipment?

We have all of the equipement we need to perform a Ceilidh,  we just require a safe, minimum 13 amp electrical supply in close proximity to the band.

How long does the band require to set up and pack away?

We require an hour to load in, set up and sound check. We can pack down within 30 minutes.

What kind of music do you play?

We play Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall in a fun, modern and high energy way, the way we love. Click the Link to hear us https://splann.co.uk/listen/

How much space is required for a Ceilidh?

We suggest approximately a meter square per person as a rough guide. That said we can  tailor dances to fit different room sizes, shapes and obstacles such as steps and pillars. If your venue is in Cornwall there is a strong possibilty that we’ve played there before and can offer exellent advice.

What do i wear at a Ceilidh?

Most important is to wear some sensible shoes. And hitching up long dresses. Click the link for What to wear at a Ceilidh https://splann.co.uk/what-to-wear-at-a-ceilidh/

Can i use a Ceilidh as a first dance?

Of course, We have some exellent suggestions to tailor your first dance. Whether your choice of suibtely standing out, dancing with all your guests or suitable for a begginer- Always a great photo opportunity.

Can you provide background music between Ceilidh sets?

We can play some Ceiltic music through our pa system during the break or alternatively we can plug your device with your own playlist on.

What dances do you perform?

Here are some of the standard dances we perform. If you have a particular dance in mind, please let us know.

Borrowdale exchange, Canadian barndance, Circassian Circle, Cornish Express, Cumberland Square eight, Dashing white sergeant, Gay Gordons, Newlyn reel, Orchadian Strip the Willow, Pendeen Prom, Riverside Jig, St Bernards Waltz

Can you perform for the ceremony or drinks reception?

Absolutely, we can perform a toned down intimate set for the ceremony or background music whilst you are having drinks.

What if the venue has a sound limiter?

 We are use to performing at venues with sound limiters and are happy to use the in-house pa system. We dont usually have issues but we are also happy to liase directly with the venue on your behalf. If the venue is in Cornwall there is a very good chance we have played there before.

Can i request a tune or dance?

Absolutely, we have an extensive repertoire of music and dance from the Celtic nations to suggest. We also love the challenge of learning something new.

Can i request gender free calling?

Yes. If requested our caller can perform gender free calling, this would usually be as ‘partner 1 / partner 2’. Another example would be ‘ the side facing the bar/band’.

We would like to find out some more information?

If you have any further questions not covered or require further informtion. Please email at splannceilidh@gmail.com or use the contact form.https://splann.co.uk/contact/

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