Splann at Shen 2022

Well, its felt like a long couple of years, But we finally made it back to Shennaghys Jiu! For those of you who don’t know it’s an awesome youth festival doing quite exceptional things with Manx traditional music and dance in the Isle of man.This year we took our extended Splann family, including Matt’s son […]

A trip to the Isle of Man

Splann Ceilidh Band on the Isle of Mann

It’s been a busy couple of months for Splann. Being busy is always good for a ceilidh band. One of the high points recently was the Splann 5 piece ‘Big Band’ being invited to the Isle of Man to play at Shennaghys Jiu festival. Shennaghys Jiu means ‘tradition today’ in the Manx language and Splann […]

Two left feet!

Hello… I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Ellie and I am Splann’s caller, it’s my job to ensure that you enjoy your ceilidh. Easy, you say, who comes to a wedding or party not in the mood for fun, and yes of course in a way you’re right, BUT, I like to […]

A trip to Wales

Three of Splann have just got back from playing / performing for Cornish dance team Kemysk at the superb Cwlwm Celtaidd festival in Porthcawl, Wales. It is a great festival and the first of many interceltic festivals during the year featuring artists from across Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany. What makes these festivals are […]

Burns Night 2014

It’s a busy Burns Weekend for Splann this year. Burn’s Night falls on a Saturday in 2014 which means we are playing right the way through the weekend. It is great to see the way the rest of the UK has embraced Burn’s Night – this is certainly reflected in the ceilidh’s we are playing […]

October = Lowender Peran!

We all have moments in the year that we look forward to. For some it may be Christmas, for others it can be the start of the summer holidays. For Splann it is one thing and one thing only…..Lowender Peran! Lowender Peran (16th – 20th October 2013) is an annual 5 day event located in […]

Goodbye cold village hall, hello Cornwall.

The problem with rehearsing in the summer is that you always feel like you are missing out on something. Sitting in a cold, draughty village hall while the rest of the world is bathed in brilliant sunshine can leave you feeling like you have been short changed. So we thought we would do something about […]

Are ceilidh and barndance bands the future of boys bands?

We’ll let you decide with this photo of Splann taken just prior to a wedding barndance at the beautiful Buckland House in North Devon. You will see that Splann have opted for a timeless and slimming all black ensemble. Despite this designer styling, I think it is fair to say that One Direction have very […]

What to wear at a ceilidh

So, you have been invited to a ceilidh at a party, event or wedding reception. If you have never been to a ceilidh, you will probably be asking yourself “what should I wear?”. Here are a couple of Splann pointers to get you going. Shoes – probably the most important thing to get right. Before […]