Ceilidhs go back centuries and continue to provide a popular party option. A good ceilidh band will make your wedding or event extremely memorable.

Things can take a while to get going at parties, particularly wedding receptions. Often you have a room full of people but they don’t all know each other very well. For this very reason, plenty of people opt for a ceilidh to ensure that people are up and dancing pretty quickly. They just can’t resist the appeal of a good jig!

Old or young

It doesn’t matter if you’re eight or eighty, a ceilidh offers something for everyone. Even the littlest of toddlers will adore joining in and taking part in the dances.

Ceilidh bands come complete with a ‘caller’: someone who is trained to guide you through each dance and keep the energy going. Callers are used to newbies, so don’t be afraid if you don’t know any of the dances. They will guide you through every step and enthusiastically demonstrate anything you’re not sure about.


From the Scottish ‘Ceilidh’ to the Irish ‘Ceili’ and the often more generically termed ‘Barn Dance’ there are a vast range of traditional tunes  and music which are guaranteed to make the evening go with a swing. Some bands will focus on a particular style of music, however many will delve into the  the vast catalogue of traditional tunes that are available. With influences from Nairn to Newquay, a good ceilidh or barndance band’s repertoire should be varied and explorative.

What’s for sure is every tune should be foot-tappingly good and designed to get people on their feet.

Have fun!

If you’ve been invited to a ceilidh but you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, we suggest that you stop worrying right now! The best advice for any ceilidh newcomer is to let go and have fun. The more relaxed you are, the more fun you’ll have. And there’ll be plenty of other people making mistakes so just loosen up and get stuck in! And providing you’re old enough, have a drink or two. We find that helps.