Splann at Perranporth

The problem with rehearsing in the summer is that you always feel like you are missing out on something.

Sitting in a cold, draughty village hall while the rest of the world is bathed in brilliant sunshine can leave you feeling like you have been short changed. So we thought we would do something about this. First bit of sun we went up to Peran Round – and old Plen An Gwarry (medieval playing place) – near Perranporth. We sat and practised in the sun. It was Splann!

The next practice we decided we needed a bit of height, so we went up to St Breock Downs and practiced by the old Longstone there. Amazing views of Cornwall and some more sun (if you haven’t been there you should).

We then thought we needed a bit of sea, so next practice it was off to the cliffs at Perranporth to practice by the waters edge. We had an amazing afternoon there – we even got a round of applause from a fisherman.

The streets of Truro

For our last practice we decided we needed a bit of a change so we decided to hit the street of Truro for a practice / busk. Yet again we had a great time, even when the heavens opened and we needed to find shelter in a vacant shop doorway.

We are weighing up where to rehearse next time, but with the whole of Cornwall on our doorstep we can guarantee it will be Splann.