We all have moments in the year that we look forward to. For some it may be Christmas, for others it can be the start of the summer holidays. For Splann it is one thing and one thing only…..Lowender Peran!

Lowender Peran (16th – 20th October 2013) is an annual 5 day event located in Perranporth, Cornwall. The festival, traditionally held in October, features performers, dancers and musicians from all around the celtic nations – Brittany, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Mann and of course Cornwall. So with all these ingredients what can you expect? The answer is lots – dance displays, concerts, sessions and ceilidhs (more ceilidhs then you can ever imagine). And it is not just ceilidhs, you will also find Fest Nozs, Twmpaths and Troyls.

So maybe you see why we look forward to Lowender Peran more than Christmas. This year is extra special for us, we are playing the Welcome Ceilidh for the festival on 17th October – imagine the excitement of 10 Christmas’s rolled into one (that is how it feels to us). See you on the dance floor!