So, you have been invited to a ceilidh at a party, event or wedding reception. If you have never been to a ceilidh, you will probably be asking yourself “what should I wear?”.

Here are a couple of Splann pointers to get you going.

Shoes – probably the most important thing to get right. Before the music begins, try and change into something comfortable which is preferably flat souled e.g. trainers, deck shoes or even a pair of walking boots. The one big no-no is high heeled shoes (gentlemen this includes you as well). Trust us when we say that you will not be able to dance in them and we have seen the results of those who have tried.

Clothing – you can dance in anything but just remember you will get warm, so if you are suited and booted for a formal event you may find yourself having to undo a top button at the very least. If you are at a wedding, sometimes the bride and groom will ask the guests to bring a change of clothes for the evening ceilidh. However, if you want to stay in formal attire that is fine. Are kilts compulsory? The answer is no, but they are a great opportunity to break out and wear a Scottish or Cornish tartan. A good tartan never goes out of style.

Lastly, if you are organising a wedding, party or event and you are going to be changing your clothing later in the day ready for the barn dance, make sure your invitation makes this clear. Your guests will appreciate being notified prior to the event that they are welcome to change their clothes for the evening ceilidh or, at the very least, bring appropriate footwear for when the dancing really gets going.